labourslamp (labourslamp) wrote,

Celeritas's Birthday Mathomathon 2013


July 29, 2013 is the FIFTH anniversary of the time I delurked.

And as a hobbit writer I do my best to celebrate properly, giving gifts to the people who are reading whatever it is I write.

So, give me a prompt and I'll give you at least 200 words, more likely 300. There are some stipulations:

1) I do not write slash, and when I write het, I do not write anything that goes beyond a marital snog.
2) If something I have already written is closed, I will not reopen it (whether it's closed because I haven't finished writing it yet, or because I explicitly said I didn't want to pursue a story further because my writing could never match the reader's imagination).
3) I find it difficult to write AUs that are AU because of authorial whim rather than intellectual speculation. I realize this is an arbitrary distinction, which is why I am not disallowing requests of this nature--just requesting your understanding if I'm not able to fulfill them wholly to your liking.

Please give me as many requests as you can--this is one of the most intellectually stimulating things I do all year, it helps me make sure I don't get into a rut, and most importantly, it's all done for *YOU*.

Feel free to forward this announcement to anyone who you think might be interested in some FREE FICTION.

Your humble servant,

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