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I would make for you a crystal lamp, such as the Deep-Elves used of old:

To bear light to the dark places within...

This is the home of Celeritas, a persona who takes an active interest in almost all, if not all, matters Tolkien. It is also a good place to get in touch with Sagitta, her alter ego who has extraordinary nitpicking tendencies, and thus is a good beta-reader. Together, the two of them work on writing ministerial fan fiction (meaning, fan fiction that serves the work at large rather than the fanauthor's self-gratification).

Here you shall find sundry items such as essays, rants, author's notes, and mentions of progress and/or regress in fan fiction that readers may be interested in.

Celeritas' work is archived chiefly at Stories of Arda.

[ar] NiRi,[fm] 100x100,[pl] Lothlorien,[ms] Forest

[ar] Elleth,CUSTOMIZED



[ar] Elleth,[fm] 100x100,[ms] Objects,[ms] Generic